Let's dive right into good stuff...

I wrote a post about my 5-figure side-hustle and posted it on Jan 10th.

I launched Facebook campaign to drive traffic to the post and spent $58.14 on ads

Ads drove 775 clicks to the post averaging $0.08 per click. Ads traffic boosted my post rating and increased organic reach on DEV to 6804 views.

My Twitter account got +51 followers. Even though the account is almost empty.

My post made it to TOP 7 of the week and DEV.to sent me $50 gift.

Math results:

  • TOP post of the week
  • 6804 views on DEV.to with 293 likes and 21 comments
  • +51 Twitter followers
  • $58 ads spent
  • $50 gift from DEV
  • $58(spent)-$50(gift)=$8 total cost


  • Write a decent post. Publish it on DEV
  • Drive enough ads traffic to the post so that it becomes TOP post of the week. If the post doesn't take off with $10 in ads, stop everything and write another post, which hopefully will do better. Profit.
  • Put a CTA at the end of the post, so it converts to followers on Twitter

My CTA(giveaway):

Go follow me on Twitter and send me a DM. I will give away $50 gift for DEV.to shop to a random follower.