The best way to learn is through your own reference experience.

Info gurus will tell you that the best way is to buy their stuff. Even though it is a good option, it's not the best one.

If you want to become great at what you do, you have to be willing to do what most people don't. Go out, do the thing on your own and gain your own experience.

Info products are overrated.

Looking back at how many info products I bought(a lot), I can say that I only got value from a small fraction of information. And the more products I consume, the less importance I give to them, the less effort I put in.

Over time info products stop working.

The most important part of an info product is not the product itself.

It's you practicing and implementing stuff. Practice drives your progress.

Do. Reflect on how it went.

Reflection is underrated. It's essential. Let me repeat. Reflection is essential. Reflecting on your progress gives you an x10 advantage easily.

Reflection is hard because you cannot buy it. It has to come from within. It requires effort. The good thing is that it's a muscle that you can train, and you just become good at it over time.

Doing it on your own makes you see what others don't.

When you learn and practice by yourself, it forces you to discover things on your own. You are not anchored by a group think.

You approach a problem from unique angles that may not be seen before by others. You gain a unique perspective on the situation.

It makes you different.

Explore unique angles.
Have a unique perspective.
Be different. Be creative. Be you.

Write about it.

Writing about what you do is a great way to reflect. It forces you to reconstruct what you did and how well you performed.

Writing it in a way that other people can understand forces you to structure your thought process. It will make you see the gaps in your experience. Maybe you did something wrong. Perhaps you forgot something. And all of that becomes clear when you write about it.


  • Practice drives your progress. Not info products
  • Reflection is essential
  • Write about what you do: start a blog, tweet, whatever

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